Creative consignments YES or NO? Insuffi ...

From our experience creativity – graphics, pictures etc. will influence response rate from approximately 20%.  more >>

Is direct mailing "dead"?

Quite often we hear statements that direct mail as part of direct marketing is not working any more and this form will be replaced by direct email. What is the reality? more >>

"Let´s drive with us, we will follow you ...

The aim of the campaign was to facilitate and make potential customer access to information on offer more attractive more >>

Restaurant for your „business“

The aim of the campaign was in attracting top clients from companies located near the restaurant and business centres, which shall attract other VIP clients. more >>

„Kofola business programme“

The aim of the project lied in maintaining and contracting the existing network of customers, motivation of partners to increase company turnover, increase of awareness related to new product segmentation, brand knowability. more >>