Contact center - telemarketing, email, sms

Telemarketing – complete services of contact centre

Complex services of contact centre – telephone and on-line contact with your customers from one place.

Telephonic discussion is one of the most personal communication tools and if made personally it achieves the best results in sale or preparation of business meetings, obtaining of information and surveys, or upon data and database profiling.

INBOUND - passive telemarketing

Contact center – complex marketing campaign support

  • customer centre and infoline – system solution and record keeping, orders, inquiries and claims
  • e-commerce support

OUTBOUND – active telemarketing

  • arrangement of business meetings
  • professional telephone survey
  • active telephone sale and offer, up to order or contract conclusion
  • reminder and management of debts
  • target verification and update of customer data

Arrangement of business meetings

For your sellers we will arrange meetings with potential customers and will prepare base for a successful negotiation. In telephone campaign we will approach identified target group. According to built-up scenario our trained agents will arrange meetings and their time periods together with other important customer data will be marked directly into electronic calendars.

Telephone sale (outbound)

Telephone sale belongs to the most successful business tools and for our customers it has become the most sold channels. Well selected target group of potential customers reduces costs and good-quality database of contacts increases campaign efficiency. You can get all this here, under one roof together with experience from various products and services sale projects.

Contact center (inbound)

Sometimes it can be enough to attract, like through a good advertising campaign and your customers will look for you by themselves. At that time it is good to mitigate it through telephone and /or email line of contact centre. They just need to make a call or write and the complete purchase process will be carried with help of our trained agents. Finally they will conclude a contract with them, receive and process an order, send email, etc. Quality of their work can be verified through on-line monitoring.

Customer center + infoline

Expanded variant of call-centre providing detailed information on products, services and possibilities of their use. customer centre agents are professionally trained for specific issue. They can professionally advise the customer, process claim or suggestion to any modification or change of used services and hand it over to your competent employees.

Excellent results of telemarketing campaigns are verified mainly upon use of call centre in combination with other marketing tool, like classic mailing, e-mailing or other online tools. Write to us, we will be happy to show you real achievable results of direct marketing and telemarketing campaigns.