Actual marketing databases

Companies, natural entities, institutions, profession groups – verified updated data

Good-quality databases represent one of the fundamental prerequisite of direct marketing success and its related services. Our customers are provided with a complete list of active subjects registered in Slovakia including contact persons and data. Regularly updated register of all business companies (over 200 thousand subjects), other non-business organisations (over 65 thousand subjects) and trade licensers including profession groups (over 400 thousand subjects) is completed for address book of natural entities with telephone numbers (1.5 million subjects).

Based on long-year experience we can prepare tailor-made adequate target group for your activities. Source data are profiled and followingly segmented into a specific groups from the number of your recorded characteristics:

  • business (focused on companies, scope of business – OKEČ (branch classification of economic activities), resp. international NACE, ownership)
  • size (turnover, number of employees, equity)
  • geographic (regional classification, region, district, municipality according to number of employees)
  • socio-graphic (financial standing assessment, age, education, sex.

In case you have own data they can be analysed and processed in our systems. We will provide their unification (approval) and exclusion of duplicity, comparison, selection or update – they will be completed for data from registries, which you just require.


As part of complex database marketing our services cover:

Sale and rental of databases

Our portfolio covers regularly updated databases of companies and legal entities (B2B) as well as consumers (B2C). Depending on the extent and demandingness of database selection we can offer you mutually profitable conditions for repurchase or rental of data. For rental you can have complex services for your communication campaigns from preparation of suitable creativity up to the execution itself with use of our lettershop or call centre.

Selection of suitable customers for your campaigns

Strength of direct marketing lies in the fact that you can completely exactly chose who you will approach. For your campaigns we shall select the right target groups. Through analysis and following segmentation of databases we shall select the most suitable contacts to approach. As database sources we can use your customer data, databases from our portfolio or publicly available data (commercial database sources).

Processing, adjustment and management of your databases

If you have available collected data of customers, this is only the first step on your way to further marketing use. In order to obtain good-quality outputs they have to be correctly analysed, systematized, interpreted and last but not least keep updated. Our database specialists will process your databases, complete them for missing information and in regular interval they can update them. And of course they will prepare them for personalised printing, telemarketing, emailing or other use.

Transcript of data into electronic form

Customer data obtained in „written“ form through competitive vouchers, application forms, questionnaires etc. are converted into a digital form. They can be further electronically processed, selected and used for other activities, communication or sale. Outputs can be provided to you in any database format.