Direct marketing

We will find out which marketing tools work for your business and sell.


  • We will design a combination of online/offline tools for the growth of retention and the getting of new customers.
  • We will show you the key points of direct communication with customers that decide on shopping behaviour.
  • We will advise you on how to increase sales, customer satisfaction and reduce costs.


We have been creating concepts and campaigns and setting up direct communication for the right and functioning dialogue with customers for more than 20 years.

We will develop strategic solutions and provide expert consultations to increase sales. We will design effective communication support which, in addition to realistic measurable results, will also bring you cost reductions. We will create programs for retaining existing customers, increasing their satisfaction and further developing their purchasing potential.


We will create a communication that sells for you. Off-line, on-line, but most often by connecting off-line and on-line tools. Not just to like it, but most of all to work.

We will design the optimal communication mix of direct and online marketing tools. We will find out which ones work for your business and how to get the most out of them. We will prepare, carry out and evaluate your communication campaigns from the development of a marketing strategy, through the making of creative designs, graphic design and texts, production to the collection of feedback and professional evaluation.

Direct mail

DDirect mail (a letter – postal item) combines the advantages of measurable advertising and direct communication, cheaper in terms of costs compared to many advertising media. Thanks to the top graphic design, the latest printing technologies and specialised packaging, we will produce an attractive and very unique shipment. Personalised address and individualised content will emphasize the personal character and uniqueness of the offer. We will design the entire direct mail campaign, ensure production under one roof and delivery within the set deadline. Subsequently, we will collect feedback from customers, correctly evaluate and propose modifications to the form or content.