E-mails and SMS. Online

Stay in touch with your clients.

  • Comprehensive e-mail and SMS campaigns
    • Strategy design and target group determination.
    • Graphic and text processing.
    • HTML5 programming.
    • Settings for all used email browsers.
    • Responsive design for mobile phone, tablet and computer.
    • Antispam solution, monitoring and reporting.
  • Volumes from a few tens to hundreds of thousands of e-mails or SMS per campaign.
  • Integration with your system (CRM, CMS) or distribution via our own e-mailing system.
  • Management, data editing and updating.
  • Follow-up communication - microsite, eshop or online sales team.
  • Analytics and reporting for performance monitoring and tuning of new campaigns.


For 15 years, we have been working to ensure that your e-mail arrives at the right time in the right folder of your client, attracted and evoked the desired reaction from the client. And every year we improve our system and campaigns.


Today, online services are an important tool in direct marketing.  We provide them to our clients individually or in connection with off-line tools.  We help them grow and sell more and more efficiently.

  • emailing and SMS marketing
  • social network marketing
  • webdesign
  • campaign microsite
  • online document publishing
  • web applications and mobile applications


The advantage of communication via the Internet is, in addition to low costs, also the possibility of immediate response in real time. We will address the customers with targeted e-mail or PPC campaigns, campaigns on social networks, or a regular electronic newsletter. We will direct the aroused interest to the microsite, or directly to your e-shop or your sellers. We will ensure traffic and sales on your website. We will increase your “visibility” on the web (SEO, PPC).

We will design an optimal and especially functional website and its attractive design, or we will analyse and optimise yours. We will show you what functions the websites perform today in communicating with customers, what are the world trends, and what are the possibilities of use for your business. We will create a campaign microsite and other online campaign tools, including its analytics tools. We will evaluate each campaign and you will get suggestions and ideas from us to improve the performance of your next campaigns.