Web design, emailing, sms marketing, social networks

On-line services work excellent

On-line services today represent very significant tool in direct marketing. As a complex they are provided to our customers individually or in connection with off-line tools. This way we help our customers in their growth and increased and more effective sale.

  • emailing and SMS marketing
  • marketing of social networks
  • web design
  • campaign microsite
  • on-line publication of documents
  • web application and mobile application

Communication with customers and increase of sale

Advantage of communication through internet lies not only in low costs but also in possibility of instant reaction in a real time. Customers are approached by target e-mails or PPC campaigns, campaigns at social networks, or regular electronic newsletter. Induced interest will be targeted to microsite, or directly into your e-shop or your sales representatives. We will provide visitation and sale at your pages and will increase your „visibility“ at web (SEO, PPC).

We will design an optimum and working web page for you and its attractive design, respectively we can analyse and optimise the your one. We will show you what functions today´s web pages serve upon communication with customers, trends in the world and possibilities of use for your business. We will create a campaign of microsite and other tools of on-line campaign, including tools of its analytics. Each campaign will be evaluated and you will receive suggestions and ideas for performance improvement of your following campaigns.