Is direct mailing "dead"?

Quite often we hear statements that direct mail as part of direct marketing is not working any more and this form will be replaced by direct email. What is the reality?

Many answers are brought by case study from the field of finance – 2011/2012 Look at the real results of campaigns made to target group natural entities in volume of 100.000 pcs – and consider yourself performance of these tools. In the campaign we approached clients at the same conditions at the same time and with various tools – direct mail, direct email and SMS. Behind all initial approaches also follow-up was realized – following approach in form of further sms. Campaigns were executed in various periods of the calendar year (spring, autumn 2011, 2012) while once over-line campaign (TV, radio, print) was realized and second time the approach by direct marketing tools was the only communication to the specific customers.


successfulness of campaign measures by product sale (financial products, campaign executed to customers, response in % to sold product, y. 2011)

Direct mail: 5,41

Direct email: 4,84

SMS: 2,96

The question isn´t whether one medium is better than the second one. This is all about efficient use of each from them by relevant method in campaign depending on product, offer, competition, purchasing and communication preferences of the specific customers.