"Let´s drive with us, we will follow you"

The aim of the campaign was to facilitate and make potential customer access to information on offer more attractive.

Provided solution:

In a way that seller shall come directly to the customer´s home, or to work with a bonus in form of providing transport for him, or family member to his selected place (e.g. child in the morning to nursery, training, wife to work etc.) by a totally new model of vehicle in client´s company offer. Time spent with customer in the car shall be used by the seller for a brief company product line introduction (according to customer´s interest obtained from telephone discussion). Transfer, which is also presentation drive – can be, in case of interest, also testing ride, when the customer can try driving of selected vehicle. Company Tempus Bavaria provided to company Dimar Slovakia list of sellers who will participate in campaigns and at the same time it provided for look-in and handling the working calendar of these sellers in electronic form through remote access. Our call centre operator verified by phone service of initial direct mail and also found out whether the potential customer showed interest in any of the alternatives of transfer and presentation. In case of interest he shall plan and agree with potential customer the exact time, address and purpose of transfer, while takes into consideration the fact that business meetings should be executed in morning hours and he shall also take into consideration already arranged meetings of client company sellers so that no time conflicts occur. Arranged data are then marked into the relevant seller´s calendar. Overview of arranged business meetings of Dimar Slovakia individual sellers were sent daily, always in specific time period agreed before campaign commencement by representatives of company Tempus Bavaria.


This campaign belonged to the most complex campaigns of our agency in 2009. Upon its realization practically all departments of Dimar Slovakia participated – from DTB department, through creative studio, lettershop and storing centre up to callcentre and client service department. According to this campaign we managed to make total of 350 business meetings in interesting and attractive form for the end customer.