Why use direct mail even today

What makes a classic direct mail inconquerable even today

With the current possibilities of online communication, e-mailing, social media and other channels, you can ask ... Is direct mail still effective? Although the cost of online has risen significantly in recent years and rather decreased for direct mail, this question is appropriate.

Direct mail has experienced development also thanks to the web technologies in various directions. Here are the six reasons why it is still a very effective and relevant tool for strategic integration to create demand, encourage you to visit a website, generate leads, but also to obtain information about your target group:

1. Personal address

You create personal contact with direct e-mail, and if you use the opportunity to address your customers directly by name, you will multiply this advantage even more. If someone sends you a letter in an envelope or other physical shipment, you know immediately that they had to put in more effort and energy to reach you. This increases confidence and curiosity about the content, and therefore the opening numbers of such shipments are still high.

If you at least partially use the possibilities of database marketing, you will prepare a relevant offer for the addressee, which relates more specifically to his/her interests and will therefore be much more likely to respond to your offer.

2. Targeting

You can choose who you want to send the message to and when you send the message.  Direct mail is more targeted to and aimed at the individuals who are most likely to respond to your offer.

3. Measurability

Direct mail gives you the opportunity to track the success of your campaign. Whether it is counting the number of claimed coupons, traffic to customer landing websites, or generated orders. By monitoring and analysing the results, you can see what works and whether any changes need to be made.

Measurability in combination with online and call centre tools has become even more important in direct mail.

4. Integrability       

Direct mail integrates very well with the web, media (TV / radio) and social networks. The possibilities are getting bigger, so their attractiveness is also bigger. Off-line offer and on-line or call centre ending in connection with social networks are an increasingly common "winning combination".

5. Formability

Direct mail is a media channel that allows you to physically insert your selected message directly into the hands of your customers. It exists in all shapes and sizes. A physical shipment is in itself a higher experience, and if it is creative, the experience is further enhanced.  You can choose from postcards, brochures, letters, coupons, and much more. It doesn't hurt if your shipment is 3D - this will significantly differentiate your offer. And pack a small gift (pen, sticker, sample, etc.). Using coupons, QR codes, etc. you keep your customers actively involved and by combining your direct mail, let's say with mobile communication using QR codes, you can make an unforgettable impression! Don't be afraid to use a postage stamp - it's not "out" - it's even more personal!

6. Plus, your inbox is full

Remember how many emails you receive per day and how many you read on daily basis! It's much more than you can handle. This often ends with "Select All" and "Delete" commands - goodbye to all messages that might interest you but don't get a chance, while your mailbox isn't currently so crowded.

Finally, a few numbers explaining the impact, influence and credibility of mailing:


"Astounding 98% of consumers receive their mail immediately on the day it is delivered to the mailbox, and 77% immediately open and process it."

 "According to a survey of 6,400 online stores, households that also receive printed catalogues shop in the online store much more often and spend more time on sales websites. The results are the same regardless of the age, income, region, or education of the respondents. “


"The growth of the direct painting market service will be accelerated by locally targeted advertising and advertising targeted at the micro-level, thus moving away from mass advertising to direct marketing."


"In the 18-34 year old segment, the preference for direct mail, magazines and newspapers is 2-3 times greater in terms of information on household products, medical products, insurance and financial services than in obtaining information from social media sources." In addition, in today's age of information "trolls" and ever-improving hacker "skills," people trust electronic communications less and less. On the contrary - direct mail will never be threatened by a virus.

So don't let anyone tell you that email and online technology have sunk the classic direct mail - it's just not true. Although they have expanded the mix of channels, they cannot replace them in full.

Additionally, people today spend so much time in "hectic" online space that they appreciate a moment of "quiet" offline environment. When reading direct mail, the recipient is focused exclusively on the content of this shipment and is not distracted by notifications, pop-ups and flashing ads around as in online space.

Therefore, those who properly grasp direct mail and take advantage of its natural advantages as well as new possibilities in connection with online and ATL communication can look forward to quality conversions and new sales.